© Jon Appleton 2010 Finally I’m showing a picture of a couple of the people from a party of  New Zealanders I met that day. I explained the alignments to them and  also shared an experience I’d had at one of the stones in the S.W.  quadrant of the henge. They are enjoying the reverberations produced  by humming into a recess in the “Bee” stone. Of which more  elsewhere and anon. It’s interesting that my fairly cursory morning’s stroll produced nine  alignments (shown here) from the ruined remainder of the ancient  ceremonial trackway. I suspect that the complete and undisturbed original  lines of stones would have given more sightlines. I took the last picture of the huge stone on the right of the south entrance to  the henge to show that here also a line across the face of the stone reveals the bare mound on the horizon. How to view the alignment Stand here at midnight on midwinter to see the Goddess stand on Silbury. The Mother Stone

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POINTING WITH STONES A New Solsticial Alignment at Avebury   top of Silbury Hill Use this Google map to explore Avebury.