© Jon Appleton 2010 under construction Made with Xara by Jon Appleton This site brings together a kaleidoscope of ideas derived from 60 years of enquiry: it shares insights into fields as disparate as:- Archaeology, Landscape alignments, Megaliths, Henges, Prehistoric measurement, Astronomy, Mythology, Calendars of the past and Seasonal celebration. Click here to contact Jon Current Projects   French Dolmen Brittany Bryn Celli du Anglesey Temple Druid Dolmen 2008 Domestic Dolmen Project - Alton Priors May 2010 My work building modern stone circles over the  years, using only simple Megalithic Technology  tools and equipment, has often given rise to  thoughts about how the multi-ton capstones were  lifted into place on the Dolmens and Barrow  chambers.