The Danebury Ring Landscape Calendar Danebury Ring is an Iron Age Camp on a hilltop (323377) which lies to the southwest  of Andover in Hampshire, at a latitude of 51degrees 8 minutes, between the  Stockbridge and Salisbury roads. It has been excavated in the last few years under the  supervision of Professor Barry Cunliffe  and, as a result, been the subject of television  programmes and now also provides the central theme of the Iron Age exhibits at the  museum in Andover. It stands in splendid isolation, rising in the middle of a wide bowl  of agricultural landscape surrounded by chalk downland which creates a raised horizon  between 5 and 20 miles distant. It is well worth a visit to enjoy both the extensive  views over the Hampshire landscape and the atmosphere created by the still impressive   banks of chalk that were thrown up to build defensive walls for the community that  used this site over 2000 years ago. The paths that once led from the great entrance at  the eastern end of the camp can still be trodden and, in the minds eye, the people,  houses, huts and the “temple” that stood on the crest of the hill seen again.  More ancient  But, as a site, Danebury is much more ancient than the Iron Age, which lasted for  about 500 years prior to the Roman invasions of Britain. Earlier it had been an  important place for the “first farmers” of the Neolithic (new stone) era and the  Megalithic “Bronze Age” people. The tumulus (327377),  now bearing an Ordnance  Survey trig point, outside the eastern gateway to the fort dates from this period. Down  in the valley to the north of  Danebury are the remains of three long barrows from the  Neolithic era. They are more than twice the age of the Celtic Iron Age hill fort. All  around, the surrounding landscape is full of traces of occupation from the earliest  times. Mounds and tumuli abound on the hills in all directions.  © Jon Appleton 2010 under construction Jon Appleton This site brings together a kaleidoscope of ideas derived from 60 years of enquiry: it shares insights into fields as disparate as:- Archaeology, Landscape alignments, Megaliths, Henges, Prehistoric measurement, Astronomy, Mythology, Calendars of the past and Seasonal celebration. Click here to contact Jon