The Danebury Ring Landscape Calendar The Beltane/Lammas line runs up   to  Bulford Down, just South of  Beacon Hill, where there are a  pair of aligned tumuli (192445).  Back down the line towards  Danebury  are two more. One  North of Quarley DownFarm and  the other at Palestine near  Grately. Seen from Danebury the  midsummer sun sets over the  terraced slopes of Quarley Hill  and actually  reaches the horizon  on the edge of the southernmost  wood on Snoddington Hill at  (264443). This is where the  ancient earthwork that winds its  way across the fields up from  Quarley Hill ends. On this spot  there are the last traces of a dew  pond and a mound. Mysterious Place  Last but not least in this circuit   of  the horizon is the most Northerly  moonset position. This is at  Sidbury Hill (216506) northwest   of  Tidworth. Despite being ion the  middle of a military training area  and surrounded by tank tracks  this is another mysterious place  full of atmosphere. This time  uplifting and romantic. It is  beautifully situated with wide  open views out to the west over  Salisbury Plain.   © Jon Appleton 2010 under construction Jon Appleton This site brings together a kaleidoscope of ideas derived from 60 years of enquiry: it shares insights into fields as disparate as:- Archaeology, Landscape alignments, Megaliths, Henges, Prehistoric measurement, Astronomy, Mythology, Calendars of the past and Seasonal celebration. Click here to contact Jon