The Meg to the Mile Continued... Let’s see what measures give us a starting point :-      4 M Corns = 1 M Inch             5 M Corns = 1 M Thumb           4 M Thumbs       = 1 M Hand = 20 M Corns       8 M Hands = 1 M Yard = 160 M Corns       20 M Hands = 1 M Rod = 400 M Corns = 2½ M Yards In her original article “Megalithic Inches Rule OK” Margaret Curtis described some other  ancient measuring sticks found in Denmark. These are divided into units of one fifth of a  MY. That is 6.53 inches. This represents 32 M Corns and 8 M Inches. © Jon Appleton 1987 - 2010 under construction Plan of Stonehenge - Mid Summer Sunrise at top I also include some other interesting illustrations based on the ideas of Gyorgy Doczi in his   book “The Power of Limits” which may further illuminate these concepts.  Jon Appleton This site brings together a kaleidoscope of ideas derived from 60 years of enquiry: it shares insights into fields as disparate as:- Archaeology, Landscape alignments, Megaliths, Henges, Prehistoric measurement, Astronomy, Mythology, Calendars of the past and Seasonal celebration. Click here to contact Jon    You can download a copy of this series as a pdf file by click here