Natural Building Continued... . All of these early experiences and influences have stayed with me and played a  part in my fascination with both camping and minimal living spaces. The design  of the “Yurpee” a cross between a Yurt and a Teepee sprang from my desire to  have a comfortable living space on the 10 day camps I’ve been attending in recent  years. I don’t much like the “nylon nightmares” that seem to be the norm these  days. It’s hard to beat cotton canvas as weather protection when the rain and wind  get up.    © Jon Appleton 2010 Made with Xara by Jon Appleton This site brings together a kaleidoscope of ideas derived from 60 years of enquiry: it shares insights into fields as disparate as:- Archaeology, Landscape alignments, Megaliths, Henges, Prehistoric measurement, Astronomy, Mythology, Calendars of the past and Seasonal celebration. Click here to contact Jon   The Yurpee. My octagonal camp pavilion, slackened off and drying out after rain before being packed down at the end of a camp. This design was created to combine the benefits of dome and tipi construction Move your mouse pointer over the drawing below to see the full picture