Meeting the gaze of the Goddess The Star Goddess rediscovered Text of article in Avalon magazine spring 2004 The text of this article is necessarily abbreviated and condensed for purposes of magazine publication. There is a lot more background research material relating to the concept. In addition there are many further cross references to Goddess mythology and archaeology from a wide range of cultures. Some of this will be added as an appendix here and much more awaits fuller exposure in book form. I am she that rises with the Dog star, I am she that is called Goddess by women, I divided the Earth from the Heaven, I show the paths of the stars, I order the course of the Sun and Moon. Extract from hymn of Hellenistic Egypt, c.2200 BP Although the stars seem fixed in their eternal courses, the way we humans have named the  constellations over the millennia has changed. These days most people in the West are  accustomed to the predominantly Greek and Roman classical names for the images formed  by groups of stars in the night sky. However different cultures throughout the years have  found other ways of seeing and identifying them.     © Jon Appleton 2010 under construction Move your mouse over image to reveal more First visualisation  based on star map Move your mouse pointer over these images to see a bigger picture