Labyrinth Rug © Jon Appleton 2010      Now I’m sharing them with you as well. Some of the diagrams , poems and bits of text here come from the  cards and I’ve added some brief notes to give a clue to the meanings and symbolism of the rugs but as I  mentioned each of them can act as the basis of both a lengthy talk and discussion. Perhaps I’ll expand the  texts or be encouraged to talk about the images elsewhere.  These rugs have been created for many years now, at a rate of less than one a year, for three main reasons.   Seven path classic Cretan labyrinth with the paths coloured prismatically from red on the outer path to  white at the centre. Each path attributed to an energy related to the planetary body, including the Earth,  from Saturn on the outer path to the Sun at the centre. The discs in the corners act as colour clues to the  various paths.    Fuller explanations can be found on the labyrinths page of this site.  Firstly to encapsulate in visual form ideas that have interested me, many of which are tackled in   this website.   Secondly to have a diagram which I can use as the basis of a workshop. Many of these are in a   circle of people sitting on the ground in a circle in a tent and I like the informality and matter of   factness of a carpet that can be walked on.   Thirdly the rugs formed the basis of Yuletide cards that I sent to family and friends each year.   Click on the rugs below to find out more about them.