Welcome to my web site.. Continued   As a boy the books of Ernest Thomson Seton about Native Americans such as “The Book  of Woodcraft and Indian Lore” created in me an awareness of cultures older than and  different from our own that seemed admirable, particularly for their close connection to and  respect for the natural world. Other influences from that time were the stories of Robin  Hood, King Arthur and the books of Arthur Ransome like “Swallows and Amazons”. I was  interested in Alfred Watkins’ “Old Straight Track” and the idea of leys stretching across the  landscape often past the tumuli and “camps” of the ancient peoples of Britain. Of course the  most exciting places of all were the Megalithic stone circles of Stonehenge and Avebury  which the family visited then and I visit frequently now.    Two other experiences in those early years before the Second World War remain in my  memory. One occurred while walking with my father in the fading light under the yew trees  on the route of Stane Street near Box Hill where I “saw” a Roman soldier standing with  spear and shield, as if on guard, beside the path. Dad was surprised to be asked “who was  that man?”.  The other, more significant one, was during a warm summer afternoon on Wimbledon  Common where I was walking barefoot down a muddy path through the oak and hazel  woods near Beverly Brook. There I “encountered” Pan and made a commitment to respect  Nature, the land and our ancient ancestors. So, early in my life a seed was planted for the  tree with its many limbs, branches and twigs that this website, in part, shares with you. Looking back at the chain of development through the years, the other events, people and  authors that have given me food for thought, I can only highlight some of the most  significant ones. Encountering Robert Graves’ seminal book “The White Goddess” in 1950  certainly started a thread that has persisted since my first encounter with his work. Along  with that came an appreciation of the importance of mythology and the nature of poetic  inspiration and imagination. His interest in Ogham and ancient symbolic systems spoke to  me and led on to the Northern Runic alphabet and its associations. Two years with the army  took me to Singapore and Hong Kong where there were opportunities to encounter Chinese  culture, Taoism and Zen Buddhism. An interest in Hindu meditative techniques also  developed at about this time. John Blofeld was an author who brought an appreciation of  many of these matters to me then. Soon after my return to England the first incarnation of  the Leyhunter magazine made its appearance and got my subscription for the rest of its  existence and my attendance at the annual “moot”. At one of these, in Hereford, I got to  know both John Michell and Martin Brennan who were significant influences on me.  Fascination with Archaeology, Architecture, Geomancy, Gematria, Colour symbolism,  Tesselation and Geometry led naturally to the work and publications of Keith Critchlow  who was chairman of the Research Into Lost Knowledge society and to attendance at their  meetings in Kensington. Books by Tom Lethbridge the archaeologist and dowser and, of  course the incomparable Alexander Thom joined many others on my overloaded shelves.  Henry Lincoln’s “Holy Blood Holy Grail” together with Arthur Guirdham’s investigation  into the Cathar/Gnostic heresies were other strands of the tapestry. From another direction,  Buckminster Fuller and his geodesic concepts applied to building structures excited me as  well. My large collection of OS maps expanded with my sense of the interconnectedness of  landscape and the seasonal movement of the Sun, Moon and Stars. Carlos Casteneda and  John Lilly appeared on the intellectual horizon together with the whole fascination of the  60’s with matters of the mind and altered states of consciousness. © Jon Appleton 2010 Jon Appleton Click here to contact Jon